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Signed Hall of Famer Rookies
Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Posted by jaygross
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In my last blog post, I mentioned that I have been inspired by some of our members to begin focusing on collecting signed rookie cards of Hall of Famers. Since that post, I have been focusing pretty much on building up this part of my collection.

I have been on a bit of a buying spree on eBay looking for unsigned cards of guys of which the SCN database tells me that I can get via mail, and I have been getting some really nice deals. If you do your research, it's a fantastic time to by a sports card buyer (thanks to for comparison shopping).

This month I have added the following to my Hall of Famer Rookies album :

Yesterday I sent out to 8 more HOFers (which is a huge amount of requests for me these days), so hopefully we'll see some more soon.

I also have a nice stack of cards ready to go for players with fees such as Marcel Dionne ($10), Rick Barry ($5), Alan Page ($20), Ted Hendricks ($20), Herb Adderly ($5), & Dolph Schayes ($25). In addition, there are affordable upcoming signings being conducted by SCN members where I will be getting Juan Marichal, Elvin Hayes, and Elvin Bethea.

Thanks for the inspiration guys, you've got me hooked.

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Happy New Year 2010
Tuesday, December 29, 2009
Posted by jaygross
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It's always fun for me to reflect on some of the cool things going on here with the SportsCollectors.Net as the new year is coming. So we can look at the numbers over the past three years and see just how SCN is growing:

Dec 31, 2009 Dec 31, 2008 Dec 31, 2007
Successes 578,826 483,735 378,537
Requests 798,034 670,300 527,214
Autographed Trade Items 47,236 29,167 17,841
Message Board Posts 284,566 201,851 132,334
Photos 54,439 21,581 N/A
Members 25,683 22,285 19,062
Premium Members 4,866 4,161 3,503

Every one of these statistics shows impressive growth across various areas of the site, and I think they speak for themselves just how amazing the contributions of this community are.

We started the year with a pretty major hardware upgrade to servers that power SCN. We went on to add some great new functionality like the Players & Teams and Shopping Tools sections. I have plans for more great stuff on the way, and always appreciate your ideas for functionality on the site.

My Personal Life in 2009

2008 brought my daughter into the family. Now she's now 16 months old, walking everywhere and talking up a storm (although I don't understand most of it). It's been truly an amazing experience seeing her grow up.

March of 2009 gave birth to a different kind of child for me, SportsCardDatabase. It's the sports card site I always dreamed of using.

I yearned for an easy to use reference site for cards, with thousands of scans to go along with them. I needed something to help me comparison shop for deals, see market values for card, and track my collection. I wanted something that would do for card collecting what SCN has meant to sports autograph collectors.

When I couldn't find something I liked, I built it and made it free for everyone to use. Thanks to everyone who helped contribute and make this a reality.

My Collection in 2009

I ended the year today with a great success from Harry Howell to finish this multi-signed 1991 Kraft Foods Disc:

With all the great things in my personal life, I have not had a lot of time to blog or write players this year. I'd like to think that this was the year that I focused on quality over quantity, but who knows.Therefore, I am a little ashamed to present my stats for writing players in 2009:

Year & Sport Requests Successes Failures Waiting Percentage
2009 BASEBALL 25 17 2 6 68%
2009 BASKETBALL 26 19 0 7 73%
2009 FOOTBALL 6 5 0 1 83%
2009 HOCKEY 24 16 2 7 66%
2009 TOTALS 81 56 4 21 70%

I have been inspired by a few of our members who collect signed rookie cards of Hall of Famers, especially thenavarro and jasonxmay. So I have been working on getting more of these my collection. Right now I have 67 signed Hall of Fame Rookie Cards posted in the photos section. I hope to get around to writing to a few more guys soon and adding to this list.

rookies of Ozzie Smith, Jim Parker, Bob St. Clair, Tom Heinsohn, Wade Boggs, Gene Upshaw, Bruce Sutter, Bob Pettit

I have made considerable progress on my autographed 1978 Topps Basketball set, I'm now 17 away. Last year, I need 41 out of 132 cards in the set.

I was very excited when the new SCN Favorite Player functionality hepled alert me that Jamaal "Silk" Wilkes, Billy Paultz, and Swen Nater were signing TTM and I was able to get them. Thanks guys for posting the successes.

This year I added 5 of the last 6 Hall of Famers I needed - Earl Monroe, Julius Erving, and Bill Walton are pictured here

Unfortuantely, the Pete Maravich card is the last HOFer I need and I know he will be a tough one. If you have any leads on this card, please let me know.

Closing out 2009 and Looking to 2010

I just wanted to thank everyone again for all your support. You folks (our members) and your passion for this hobby are what makes SCN.You all inspire me to enjoy the hobby more every year, and I am happy to have gotten to know many of you. I want you all to have a happy, prosperous, and safe New Year.

I have some more big ideas in the works for both SCN and SportsCardDatabase for 2010 and beyond, and I am very excited about the potential of what we as a collecting community can continue to accomplish.

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Introducing Players and Teams
Saturday, September 5, 2009
Posted by jaygross
Comments: 6

Release #2 of 2009 is here in a big way, as I am happy to roll out the new Players and Teams functionality.

The players we write to and collect are one the most important aspects of this site. In the coming months, we'll look to expand the information available for players to better help you guys in your collecting endeavors. Therefore, I thought it would be really beneficial that we make it easier to find the players (and teams) and make the data for them in a more consistent format.

Since most of the upgrades we do are only for Premium member functionality, we decided to make the Players and Teams functionality open to all members with some features deprecated.

We added a new green tab at the top row called Players & Teams (replacing the Home button):

We have moved the Favorite Players functionality from Sigs By Mail to this new section.

Team Pages

We track each in the NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL (along with ABA & AFL) in our database going back to 1948. Each team now has their own upgrade team page (My Boston Celtics are shown below):

Browse for Players now have All Players

We decided that the pages where you can browse for players by first letter of the last name should have every player, not just the ones with successes.

Standardized Player Search Results

One thing that frustrated me was that you would see a player record show up differently depending on what part of the site you were on. I've standardized the information and added an important nice extra.

There is now a "Last Success" in search results. If the value appears in green, that means the player has a reported success within the past 30 days (as shown below): 

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