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PHOTOS > MEMBER PHOTOS > skyrunner > Conlon Card (106)

John Samuel Vander Meer

John Samuel Vander Meer"Johnny,The Dutch Master,Double No Hit". The Conlon Collection 1994 Card#1181.Died October6,1997@82. All Star 1938,1939,1942,1943. Only Pitcher to throw Back to Back No-Hitters on 6/11/1938-6/15/1938. World Champion 1940.

Posted By:  skyrunner
Date: 9/14/2013
Views: 193
Alfred Edward

Alfred Edward "AL" Cuccinello. 1994 The Conlon Collection Card#1171. The Brothers Card. Died March29. 2004@89.

Posted By:  skyrunner
Date: 9/13/2013
Views: 155
Anthony Francis

Anthony Francis "Cooch,Chick,Tony" Cuccinello. 1994 The Conlon Collection. Card#1171. The Brothers Card. Died September 21,1995@87. 3x All-Star 1933,1938.1945. World Champion 1968.

Posted By:  skyrunner
Date: 9/13/2013
Views: 215
Richard Benjamin

Richard Benjamin"Rick" Ferrell. The Conlon Collection 1994 Card#116. Died July 27,1995@89.During1945 Season Washington SenatorsHadA4ManKnuckleballRotationRick WasTheCatcherMemberBaseball Hall Of Fame ClassOf1984.8TimeAll StarFrom1933-1938,1944&1945

Posted By:  skyrunner
Date: 9/10/2013
Views: 273
Melvin Leroy

Melvin Leroy "Chief,Wimpy Or Mel" Harder. 1994 Conlon Collection Card#1079. Died October 20, 2002@93. 4 Time All-Star 1934-1937. Indians# 18 retired In 1990.

Posted By:  skyrunner
Date: 8/30/2013
Views: 173
Joseph John

Joseph John "Joe,Unser Choe" Hauser. The Conlon Collection 1994 Card#1071.Died July11,1997@98. First Player Ever To Hit 60 Or More Home RunsTwice In a Professional Career.63 In 1930 And 69 In 1933.e

Posted By:  skyrunner
Date: 8/15/2013
Views: 110
Roy John

Roy John"Jeep,Sage"Hughes. The Conlon Collection.1994 Card# 1069.Died March 5,1995@84.Appeared in 1945 World Series As A Chicago Cub.Member Ohio Baseball Hall Of Fame in 1991.

Posted By:  skyrunner
Date: 7/24/2013
Views: 138
John Aloysius

John Aloysius"Buddy"Hassett. The Conlon Collection 1994Card#1067.Died August23,1997@85. Was In The 1942 World Series As A N.Y.Yankee. Set Record In 1936 For Fewest Strikeouts By A Rookie. Struck Out Only 17 Times in 635 At Bats. Record Still Stands.

Posted By:  skyrunner
Date: 7/23/2013
Views: 180
Thomas David

Thomas David"Old Reliable,The Clutch,Tom,Tommy"Henrich. The Conlon Collection.1994 Card#1061. Died December1,2009@96.5TimeAll-Star.1942,1947-1950.5TimeWorldChampion1938,1941,1947,1949,1951. PrideoftheYankeeAward1987 LouGehrig'sLastSurvivingTeamMate.

Posted By:  skyrunner
Date: 7/22/2013
Views: 173

Harold"PrinceHal,Hal Newhouser.1994Conlon Card#1009.Died11/10/98@77.7xAll-Star,WorldChampion1945,2xALMVP,Tigers#16Retired1997,Triple Crown Of Pitching 1945,4xALWins Champion,2x AL Strikeout Champion, HOF1992

Posted By:  skyrunner
Date: 7/20/2013
Views: 285
Elon Chester

Elon Chester"Chief" Hogsett. 1993 Conlon Card#969. Died July 17,2001@97. Appeared in 2 World Series 1934-1935. One Of The Earlier Relief Specialists In MLB, Starting in 1932. World Champion 1935

Posted By:  skyrunner
Date: 7/14/2013
Views: 148
Theodore Amar

Theodore Amar "Sunday Teddy, Ted" Lyons.The ConlonCollection1993 Card#935.Died July 25,1986@85.WhiteSox Jersey#16 Retired1987.PitchedThe99thNo-Hitter In MLB HistoryOnAugust 21,1926.OnlyPitcher In HOF Who Gave Up More Walks Than Strikeouts.HOF 1955.

Posted By:  skyrunner
Date: 7/12/2013
Views: 252
Walter Perry

Walter Perry"TheBigTrain,Barney"Johnson1993 Conlon Card#934.Died12/10/46@ 59. 12xAL Strikeout Champion,3x PitchingTriple Crown Winner, 2x ALMVP, 2-30Win Seasons, 12-20Win Seasons, 5xERAChampion, WorldChampion1924, 110 Shutouts, HOF1936

Posted By:  skyrunner
Date: 7/7/2013
Views: 250
Lynn Nolan Ryan

Lynn Nolan Ryan"TheRyanExpress"1993 Conlon#933.Alive 8Time All-Star, World Champion1969, TexasHOF, 7No-Hitters, Astro's&Rangers#34 Retired, Angels#30Retired, 5714 Career Strikeouts,324 Wins,Member All-Century Team,Solcum Award Winner1994, HOF1999.

Posted By:  skyrunner
Date: 6/30/2013
Views: 265
Robert William Andrew Feller

Robert William Andrew Feller"The HeaterFromVan Meter,Bullet Bob,Rapid Robert"1993 Conlon Card#933.Died December15,2010@92. 8TimeAll-Star,WorldChampion1948,Triple Crown Of Pitching1940,3No-Hitters,7Time Strikeout Leader Indians#19Retired.HOF1962

Posted By:  skyrunner
Date: 6/30/2013
Views: 277
Grover Cleveland

Grover Cleveland"OldPete"Alexander 1993 Conlon Card#932.Died11/41950@63.373 Career Wins,20 Or More Games 9Times,30 Games Or More 3times,90 Shutouts,Pitcher'sTripleCrown1915,1916,1920.28 Wins In RookieYear1911.Modern Day Record.World Champ1926.HOF1938

Posted By:  skyrunner
Date: 6/27/2013
Views: 320
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