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RIP to my favorite wrestler
Thursday, September 24, 2020
Posted by jaygross
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I haven't shared my 80's wrestling fandom here nearly enough. I was a huge fan growing up in the early to mid 1980's - watching all of the AWA, NWA, WCCW, and WWF I could (including staying up super late). Before the pay per views and Wrestlemanias, here were great WWF events at Madison Square Garden every month or two and I would get to watch them on the MSG network living in NJ.

The Road Warriors (with their manager Precious Paul Ellering) are my all time favorite tag team!!! And Joe Laurinaitis (AKA Animal) was my all time favorite wrestler. Yesterday Animal passed away at the age of 60. 2020 has been a tough year on so many level, and we have recently lost so many great folks and athletes (NFL great Gale Sayers also passed away yesterday).

If you are not a wrestling fan and you follow college or NFL football, then you may recognize the last name Laurinaitis. His son James was linebacker for Ohio State and played 8 years for the Rams and Saints.

The Road Warriors were by far the most successful tag team in wrestling history. They held championships in every major organization. They were one of the few teams that fans absolutely loved whether they were heroes or bad guys.

I remember first seeing them around 1984 or 1985 in the AWA (out of Minnestoa). I remember how terrifying they were when these two huge guys came flying into the ring in face paint to Black Sabbath's Iron Man for squash matches and their opponents looked genuinely terrified. Those matches usually lasted less than 2 minutes. Below is some highlights of their AWA days:

They were part of so many great matches and story lines in the NWA:

  • I think my favorite rivalry was with the Powers of Pain who were basically Road Warriors rip offs (Barbarian and Warlord). Here was the bench challenge where these 4 huge guys were lifting, and it broke down with Animal getting attacked:

  • The scaffold match with the Midnight Express (Dennis Condry and Bobby Eaton) where Jim Cornette fell 20 feet and blew out both of his knees was also pretty incredible.

  • It was awesome when they won the first Crockett Cup tournament.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2020
Posted by jaygross
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Some folks may have noticed that some browsers gave alerts that was not a secure site (even though it was totally safe and worked fine). Today we took steps necessary to correct this.

So what does this mean to you as a user?

  1. In your browser, you will see the lock icon (shown below). This means that traffic is now sent via SSL encryption.

  2. So our home page is now

    Now all of our pages will be using the https protocol instead of http protocol. If you go to a link with http, we will automatically redirect you to the https version.

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MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Signed 1991 Fleer Baseball set
Sunday, September 13, 2020
Posted by jaygross
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Long time member Crunk57 (Josh) recetly shared on our message board that he has completed the 1991 Fleer baseball set.

Our listing for the 1991 Fleer set shows (as of today):
  • 722 cards
  • 727 linked Players
  • 36 Deceased Players
  • 38 Hall of Famers

    So I had to ask him some questions:

    When did you start the project?

    I started it in March 2017 whenever I started ttm'ing.

    Why did you pick this set to go after?

    I picked this set because it’s the first set that remember getting packs of with my dad. Also picked it because every card is obtainable. Several of my card collection friends said about it being So ugly of a set so that gave me some motivation too.

    Approximately how much of the set do you think you got by mail (TTM)?

    Probably received 100-150 ttm. I got all your typical ttm'ers. Some of the surprise ones were Mark Carreon and Brian Downing.

    Who is toughest to get from this set?

    Toughest was Luis Aquino. Before the one I just got I have never seen another one. Kenny Rogers and Tim Crews were the next toughest. There’s plenty of Crews cards out there but for some reason I never was able to find the Fleer.

    What's next for you?

    I’m trying to finish the 1991 Fleer Update set. I am down to the final 3 to complete it. Still need Dante Bichette, Julio Machado and Gary Carter. Other than trying to finish that up I will mainly just focus on sending stuff out TTM and take a break from focusing on a set.

    Here are scans of the cards for your viewing pleasure:

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