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MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Signed 1972 Topps Basketball set
Saturday, July 18, 2020
Posted by jaygross
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Long time member Deadshot (Kyle) has been collecting the 1972 Topps basketball set for quite a few years and has been sharing his progress with the community. Since I am huge 1970's NBA+ABA fan (I am working on a few sets also), I have been living vicarously through his progress.

Our listing for the 1972 Topps set shows (as of today):
  • 264 cards
  • 288 linked Players
  • 76 Deceased Players
  • 92 Hall of Famers

    This set features rookie cards of Julius Erving, Phil Jackson, and George McGinnis.

    On July 14, 2020, he let the SCN community know that he finished the set!!! Such an amazing accomplishment.

    So I had to ask him some questions:

    When did you start the project?

    I received my first success in October of 2011. I don't think I intended to do the set at this point, but it didn't take me long after that.

    Why did you pick this set to go after?

    I think there were a couple of factors that contributed. Visually, the set appealed to me. I'm a huge Pacers and ABA fan, so I wasn't going to do anything before 1971. I also really liked Julius Erving's rookie card.

    Approximately how much of the set do you think you got by mail (TTM)?

    I wish I had kept track a little better, but I would guess that at least 1/3 were TTM.

    Who is toughest to get from this set?

    Wendell Ladner had the least amount of time to sign his card of anyone in the set. Luckily a PSA copy of that card was on eBay pretty early in my search. Pete Cross didn't have long to sign, but I've seen multiple copies. John Brisker is a tough one - my copy is the only slabbed copy I've seen. Willie Sojourner and Jimmy Walker were the last cards I picked up and I was beginning to wonder if I would ever see those.

    What's next for you?

    I've dabbled some with the 1968 Topps baseball set, but I can't see myself seriously pursuing another set again. I enjoyed this journey, but I have so many card-related interests, it's hard to stay focused.

    Here are scans of the cards for your viewing pleasure:

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    MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Cooper's Art Projects
    Thursday, June 25, 2020
    Posted by jaygross
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    I saw a great thread on our message that I thought was worth sharing here on the site's blog. Last month a long time SCN member bobbystl posted the wonderful art projects his young son Cooper has been making and getting autographed.

    he wrote:

    My son Cooper wanted to cut up some of my old cards for a project. He started doing a Cardinal team cutting up all kinds of premium late 80's cards. I got the idea to send a couple of his projects out to Hall of Fame players. Cool returns so far.

    I thought it was really cool that Bobby's local newspaper featured Cooper in a story:

    As a parent with younger kids stuck at home during the COVID-19 isolation, I thought was an amazingly cool way to get Cooper interested in baseball and our hobby.

    There are lots of great details I love:
    • how he has put a colorized hat on top of some the Hall of Fame plaques.
    • the pictures of the character nicknames (Penguin for Ron Cey, Cobra with Pirates hat for Dave Parker).
    • the colored in background on the Juan Marichal & Cecil Cooper pics.

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    NEW FEATURE: Track Fees with Requests & Successes
    Wednesday, June 17, 2020
    Posted by jaygross
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    What we had was useful, but could be better!

    Over the past few months, I have noticed more players requiring signing fees and I was sending out fees to more players. To this point, sometimes members would write in the comments of their request that they enclosed a fee or donation (as shown below):

    This format allowed members to enter valuable information to the community, but it became inconsistent. Often folks left out this information and many times they did not include the amount of money they sent.

    Enhancement - Fees with Requests

    We have added a field where you can enter the fee or donation amount sent with that request: The red box in the screen below shows the new field where you can supply this information:

    In addition, you can now see the new Fee column throughout the site that displays individual request details. The red box in the screen below shows the Fee Column on the page that lists all of your Requests:

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