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IDItem TypeAcquiredCommentsImageMember 
67342CardBy Mail1990 Fleer - black - IN CELTICS UNIFORM premium members only
73662CardBy Mail1991 Fleer in small blue sharpie. premium members only
76389CardBy Mail1989-90 Hoops, blue sharpie, NM, Celtics premium members only
76390CardBy Mail1989-90 Fleer, blue sharpie, NM, 80/20 centering top/bottom, Celtics premium members only
103024CardBy Mail1995-96 TSC Topps Stadium Club #157 (Hornets)-Silver Sharpiepremium members only
103025CardBy Mail1995-96 TSC Topps Stadium Club #157 (Hornets)-Silver Sharpiepremium members only
103026CardBy Mail1995-96 Fleer Ultra #23 (Hornets)-Silver Sharpiepremium members only
103027CardBy Mail1990-91 Fleer #13 (Celtics)-Silver Sharpiepremium members only
103227CardBy Mail1990-91 Skybox #20 (Celtics)-Blue Sharpiepremium members only
112370CardBy Mail1995-96 Upper Deck #116 (Hornets) -Silver Sharpie (Signed Back of Card)premium members only
112371CardBy Mail1991-92 Skybox #18 (Celtics) -Blue Sharpiepremium members only
121090CardBy Mail96 Topps NBA Stars #134 Hornets (black sharpie) premium members only
135841CardBy Mail89-90 Hoops #185 Celtics (silver sharpie) premium members only
139788CardBy Mail1994-95 Upper Deck premium members only
141980CardBy Mail1995 Upper Deck SP premium members only
141981CardBy Mail1993 Fleer #15 premium members only
141982CardBy Mail1990 NBA Hoops #45 premium members only
188013CardBy MailSigned 1996 Topps Stars #34 in silver sharpie (auto is bubbled though) (Boston Celtics HOFer) premium members only
193541CardBy Mail1995 premium members only
205361CardBy Mail1979-1980 Topps #93 premium members only
205362CardBy Mail1989-1990 Hoops #185 premium members only
205363CardBy Mail1990-1991 Fleer #13 premium members only
215335CardBy Mail1990-91 Hoops AS Robert Parish in silver premium members only
248339CardBy Mail86-87 Fleer - silverpremium members only
250649CardBy Mail1994 Skybox Sccops HS2, signed with a black sharpie premium members only
277858CardBy Mail1990 Hoops #45  premium members only
281959CardBy Mail1989-90 Fleer premium members only
281960CardBy Mail1990-91 Fleer  premium members only
281961CardBy Mail1990-91 Hoops premium members only
281962CardBy Mail1992-93 Upper Deck Checklist premium members only
285427CardBy Mail1989-90 hoops, 1991-92 skybox, 1991 upper deck, 1997 hoops, 1991 upper deck, 1993 hoops, 1993 fleer ultra, 1986 fleer premium members only
291009CardBy Mail92 UD 92 UD GF 91 Skybox Celtics black premium members only
292824CardBy Mail1991-92 Upper Deck All Star #72 premium members only
292825CardBy Mail1990-61 Hoops All Star #8 premium members only
296405CardBy Mail1994 Skybox signed with a black sharpiepremium members only
300028CardBy Mail1990-91 Fleer 13; 1992-93 Fleer 18; 2012-13 Panini Elite 196; 2013-14 Panini Crusade 94 premium members only
313510CardBy Mail92-93 Upper Deck #179 Celtics premium members only
313511CardBy Mail92-93 Fleer Ultra #15 Celtics premium members only
313514CardBy Mail94-95 Skybox 213 Hornets premium members only
337405CardBy Mail1990-91 Hoops - Boston Celticspremium members only
337406CardBy Mail1981-1982 Topps - Boston Celticspremium members only
339183CardBy Mail89-90 Hoops #185 - blue sharpie premium members only
339723CardBy Mail1978-79 Topps #86 - silver sharpie premium members only
339724CardBy Mail1979=80 Topps #93 - silver sharpie premium members only
343216CardBy Mail1997-1998 NBA Hoops #28 Chicago Bulls premium members only
343217CardBy Mail1990-1991 Skybox #20 Boston Celtics premium members only
355431CardBy Mail1990-91 Fleer #13; Celtics (Black Sharpie) premium members only
357588CardBy MailRobert Parish 1992-93 Upper Deck #179, Celtics, signed in black, Quantity of 2, HOF premium members only
357589CardBy MailRobert Parish 1992-93 Upper Deck #39, Celtics, signed in black, HOF premium members only
358782CardBy MailRobert Parish, 1990 Skybox #20, Celtics, signed in black, HOF  premium members only
358783CardBy MailRobert Parish, 1996-97 NBA Topps Stars #34, Celtics, signed in silver, HOF  premium members only
359002CardBy Mail1991 SKYBOX CELTICS #18 premium members only
359450CardBy Mail1993-1994 Fleer #16 Celtics premium members only
205960PhotoBy Mail8x10 of SI coverpremium members only
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