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Please be aware that violation of any of the rules below may result in suspension of privileges and features.

  1. SportsCollectors.Net can not get involved in trade disputes.

    If you don’t get your part of a trade, SportsCollectors.Net will not get involved to limit potential liability. If you decide to make any transaction (on or outside of this site), you do so at your own risk. By using this site, you agree not to hold SportsCollectors.Net liable for any losses/damages occurred as a result of a transaction or use of this site.

  2. How does autograph trading on work?

    There are 4 easy steps:
    1. Create your Trade Inventory.
      Members can create an invetory of their autographed items they have available for trade.
      Fill out this form to add trade items.

    2. Search for Items to Trade.
      Members can search other members inventories to find autographed items they are interested in obtaining:

    3. Make a Trade Proposal.
      Once you find an item you are interested in, use the trade offer from to propose a trade.

    4. Leave Feedback on Completed Trade Agreements.
      Leave Feedback for other members on your completed trades.

  3. All Trades need to be tracked in our Trade Manager

    A trade is defined as any time members agree to:
    • Exchange items
    • Purchase or Sell items
    • Conduct a Private Signing
    • Get an autograph in person for another member (including 50/50's)

    Once you find an item you are interested in, use the trade offer from to propose a trade.

  4. All members with a feedback rating less than 5 must send items first in trades

    When a member with a feedback rating less than 5 agrees to a deal with a member with more than 5, the member with more than 5 should not send out his end of the deal until he receives his items. This rule is in place to safely allow ne members to be introduced to the community and to protect established traders.

    If both members are below 5, the one with the lower feedback sends first.

  5. You can only sell items or offer private signings once you have reached a feedback score of 5

    Members with feedback scores less than 5 are prohibited from offering items for sale, offering 50-50's/consignments, or to conduct private signings anywhere on SportsCollectors.Net (Message Board, Groups, Private Messages, Chat, etc.). Members with scores lower than 5 can buy or trade with other members until their score reaches 5.

  6. Retaliation feedback is not allowed and will need to be removed.

    We define retaliation feedback as a situation where you receive what was promised in the deal and leave negative feedback only after the other member left you negative feedback in retaliation. This will harm another's member reputation and will likely result in suspension of privileges.

  7. Bumping a thread no more than once per day.

    Bumping a message board thread is defined as adding a comment only to move the thread up in the list. This isstrongly discouraged for sales threads. You may only bump a thread once per calendar day.

  8. Trading functionality is only available to active Premium Members.

    This is an interactive feature that is offered as part of the premium subscription. The only trade item listings you can see available are entered by members that are active premium subscribers.

  9. Buy/Sell/Trade posts on the message board can only be made to the Buy/Sell/Trade topics..

    This is important to keep our message board organized, to keep threads on track, and to keep sales Spam posts to a minimum.

  10. If you are offering a private signing, 50-50, or consignment, it is assumed that you will witness (watch in person) the items being signed.

    In the event that you are not planning to be present during the signing, you must clearly disclose that a 3rd party will be conducting the signing on your behalf with details about the 3rd party.

  11. Members can be have all posting and PM privileges suspended.

    Your privileges will automatically be permanently revoked if:
    • you have a feedback rating of -2
    • you get 5 negative feedback ratings in a single month
    • you violate the rules above

Additional Rules for Listing Trade Items

  1. Only list autographed items.

    Since this is a sports autograph community, we ask that you only list autographed sports items. Depending on the popularity of the trading feature, we may decide to add support for non autographed items in the future.

  2. You can not list sale prices with your trade items.

  3. We ask that you do not put sell prices in the item’s description. If you and another member come to an agreement to sell an item rather trade privately (and you have a feedback of 5 or greater), then we are OK with this.

  4. Posting scans of your items is encouraged.

  5. We highly suggest that you add an image with your trade item to make your item more attractive and to help avoid future disagreements. If you do not have your own web site, you can upload your scans to our Photos section or there are free image hosting services you can use. Here are four we suggest:
  6. Keep the listing comments about the item.

    You can add additional information about your item in the commnets field. If it is a card, we’d suggest you list the year, set, and the player’s team. If it is a photo, you may want to list the size and if it is color. If you biught an item, you may want to denote where you bought it from.

    You may not list your web site, your user name, your eBay ID, or anything else not specifically related to the trade item.

What are some suggestions for safe trading?

  1. Get references before making trades. There is a message board topic for Trading References. We suggest that you first look here for history of the member you are considering with trading.

  2. See a Scan. Members will have the option of adding a scan with their item's listing. We strongly suggest that you require to see a clear scan of the autographed item before making a trade.

  3. Get help when needed. If you are unsure about the autograph's authenticity, ask for opinions of other members. You may want to post a message on our Autograph Opinions on our message board.

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