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This weekend's sports highlights
Sunday, November 5, 2006
Posted by jaygross
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1) Colts beat the Pats

Congrats to the Colts, they played a pretty good game and did what they needed to do to win. After Mr. Clutch missed the 46 yarder, I really thought Brady was going to drive down and tie it up. Not a good time to let the ball go right through your hands Kevin Faulk, but at least it is only regular season.

I do have to say how impressive Manning's ability to make throws while he is getting hit and his ability to avoid pressure just long enough to find receivers. Between his execution and the Pats penalties, he did a great job keeping drives alive.

I just don't get why Belichick didn't run the ball more, they looked unstoppable in the first half. Hopefully it'll be different when these two teams meet in playoffs.

2) The Bears losing to the Dolphins?

I thought the Bears have been a bit overrated all year, but Miami has been terrible all year and has Joey Harrington as their QB. My illegitimate brother Rex has been throwing  as many interceptions each week than the number of  blogs I post (about 3). I know the NFC is week, but there's no way this is the best team around - San Diego, Baltimore, Indy, New England, and Denver could all beat them.

It was such a joke they beat Arizona with Rex's 4 INT's and 2 fumbles... So undefeated wasn't going to happen with their next games at Giants, at Jets, and at New England.

3) Glibert Arenas pours in 44 as Wizards beat my Celtics

He took a break from his regular vacations at WackoLand to torch my poor team and drop them to 0-3. When this guy is on, he thinks he can make shots from anywhere and has no problem trying to prove it. He reminds a lot of World B Free (the ultimate super chucker), except Gilbert's teams win when he catches fire.

I do happen to think Eddie Jordan has a nice group there with Jamison, Caron Butler, Jarvis Hayes, and Etan Thomas. I'd expect them to have a nice season and get knocked out of the first round of the playoffs.

On a side note, it's too bad we can't clone Paul Pierce a few times... We start him at power forward in the opener and he pulls down 19 rebounds

4) Larry Johnson runs over the Rams

When this guy gets in his groove, watch out. I figured there would be some slowdown with future HOF Willie Roaf retiring and Trent Green going down, and it did happen. Today LJ dominated with 172 yards and a touchdown after a big game last week. Looks like he is getting ready to go on a huge roll like he did last year.

5) Ravens beat Bengals

The Ravens are now 6-2, have the scariest defense in the NFL, have good receivers Clayton-Mason-Heap, and have McNair. I would be very scared to play this team in the playoffs, are you listening Peyton Manning??? This is my sleeper pick to win the Super Bowl.

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